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Street lamp is always on during the day, what reason is caused?

by:SRS     2021-01-20
is always on during the day, what reason is caused? is night lighting device roads, should be put out status during the day, is the state of the lights at night, but a lot of times, street lamp is not so obedient, during the day will be lit, street lamp Bai Tianliang, mainly due to the following reasons. 1, line problem if it is in the process of maintenance, the line is wrong is likely to result in this phenomenon, but the principle is the phenomenon should not happen. 2, when switch problem when the switch is commonly used in the utility of the street lamp, street lamp was dominated by the state of closed in the morning and evening light, is a 24-hour switch, according to the length of day and night change every year two or more adjustments, to improve the precision of control switch. When the switch is broken, it could cause problems of the lamps in the various circumstances, when the light is not bright, not must be bright light. 3, question if it is a solar street lamp, solar street lamps will be more complex, Bai Tianliang lamp, solar street lamps, main is to consider the solar panels route problem, whether from solar panels to the controller circuit connection in place, is loose, or a short circuit, the line of solar panels connected, and controller to reconnect. If it still can't solve the problem, need to measure the two wires of the solar panels, whether there is voltage measurement of two line voltage, if there is no voltage, solar panels out of the question. In addition, if there is a voltage, to see if the poles meet the solar panels, will the switch between the receiving controller on a try, usually in front of the several ways are invalid, this method can solve the problem.
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