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Street lamp bid evaluation method

by:SRS     2021-05-03
Street lamp bid evaluation method of yangzhou eastern lighting technology co. , LTD. 23. 1 the bid evaluation to comprehensive evaluation method. * * group evaluation of the tender documents of the bidding units after carefully check, review. According to the grading rules of collective by the * * to score after full discussion, each a scale, and the signature. 23. The integrity of bid tenderers for 2 production, 3 points) Lack of item 1 points, for the payment, delivery, acceptance, shelf life and so on complete response and item by item description of 2 points, all the response, but did not elaborate on meter 1 minute, no response that does not score. 23. 3 tenderers product technical indicators and functional review content. ( 15 points) 23. 3. 1 selection scientific and reasonable, configuration, security, functions meet the requirements of 3 points 23. 3. 2 bidding product technical information is complete, the whole table is not consistent 3 points, the tender information missing or inconsistent form take corresponding scoring 23. 3. 3 bidding product technical indexes and performance degree of response to the bidding documents. The technical index and performance is better than that of the tender documents of the 4 points, complete response of the 4 points, a tiny deviation 1 - but not pass mark Three points. 23. 3. 4 is easy to operate, safe and reliable products, complete function and good performance of 5 points. 23. The reliability of the four bidding product ( 12 points) 23. 4. 1 bid product qualify as the national related department approval, granting market sales, equipment and spare parts supply channels, all good market feedback, and normal quality assured + 5. 23. 4. 2 have good management and inspection system, ensure supply products to first-class products and five points of ISO quality system certification. 23. 4. 3 to ensure timely delivery of the 2 points. 23. 5 performance and after-sales service ( 10 points) 23. 5. 1 provides the nearly two years for products in the supply of xinjiang performance ( 3 points) , each provide a prove that adding 0. Three points, * no more than 3 points. 23. 5. 2 in xinjiang have sales agencies and maintenance institutions directly under, satisfies the requirement of the tendering of 3 points, with sales and maintenance institutions entrusted to score a point, there is no score. 23. 5. 3 after-sales service 4 points. 3 - warranty period 1-5 years Three points, 4 points more than 5 years ( Do not contain 5 years) 。 23. 6 business offer 60 points score: the average price of basic value = effective quotation and * low average effective quotation, 2 points each basic value higher than 1%, less than 1% 0. Five classification and the basic value * will offer score 60 points; 23. Scored 7 in statistics, such as found that a single rating score more than scoring rules, the scale was invalid. Bidders * final score is the score of a member of a bid assessment * * arithmetic average. 23. 8 this bid evaluation method of grading standard value is 100 points. 23. 9 rating score calculation keep two decimal places. Street lamp bid evaluation method
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