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Solar street lights flashing is what causes the last?

by:SRS     2021-01-30
flashing is what causes the last? When we go out to guide install solar solar street lamp, village cadres would find our consulting a lot of questions about the solar solar street light, often reflect is one of the problems of solar street light will flash in the night, according to many years of experience, we made a summary, here to share, with solar street lights flicker can be simple to solve. 1, if there is a light above the solar panels, such as light, or the roof high brightness of the light source, is bound to bring about solar solar street light flashing, because solar panels solar street lamps in the solar street lamps manufacturer has set the photoreceptor, have a certain strength of the light will automatically put out, when the light is obscured, and automatically to light, caused the solar solar street light flashing, this is a cause of solar energy street light flashing. That there are two solutions, one is to remove the light source, one is change the system, when change relating to control. 2, if solar panels installed at the bottom of the light source, with a light panels above the principle is the same, is also two solutions, one is above the solar panels will be moved to the light source, a clock controller. 3, loose thread, no other problems, may be the loose thread or the joint place after oxidation caused by poor contact, then good thread, and make joint waterproofing. 4, controller, a new controller replacement if solve the problem, that is why the controller, can replace the controller 5, the power of the light source problem, change a new power supply, if the problem solved, that is the problem of power supply. flicker problem we encounter is roughly the above several, in actual operation and inspection, can one by one, problems can be solved.
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