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Solar street light shines, A)

by:SRS     2021-02-21
On the working principle, is for solar light, day Yang can panels during the day can give a battery charging, at night, when need lighting, battery will start to power a light source is used. Its in use without laying complicated, expensive power lines, enables its to installation at any site any environment, its battery USES natural light, can be recycled, without external power supply, the source of green environmental protection, when the sun is insufficient to a certain extent, can automatically adjust the switch , truly the unmanned guard, all-weather work. Solar street light compared with traditional incandescent lamps of high voltage power supply, the product characteristic, the structure of the material and power lines are quite different. solar street lamp are countries have adopted this kind of * * energy solar energy sources as a street light external power supply of a traffic road lighting, in the city life, street lamp plays a very important role, is the eye of the travel and nightlife.
solar street light shines, 2)
on the product characteristics, solar street light on the light source adopts the solar energy. During the day, it can use the solar energy battery charging circuit board to the street lamp inside, in the evening, battery power supply can give lamps and lanterns, can completely meet the needs of the lighting. Solar street lights with solar power of green environmental protection, nature everywhere, this has saved laid the material power lines need, save a lot of manpower material resources, improve the efficiency of the construction. In addition, the solar street light green environmental protection, energy saving, long service life and stable product structure, has the very good social benefit and economic benefit. Solar street light, the use of environmental conditions: 1, altitude, 5000 m or less; 2, environmental temperature: - 50℃_+70℃; 3, the design wind speed: 35 m/s; 4, relative humidity: 80%; 5, seismic intensity: 8 level with a standard: all equipment and materials manufacturing, experiment and so on various aspects shall comply with the following standards: GB7000. 1 - 2002 'general safety requirements and test of lamps and lanterns' GB7003 - 86 'classification of enclosure protection class of lamps and lanterns QB/T' lamps and lanterns of electroplating and chemical coating 'GB7248 - The safety requirements of electric light source GB9468-87 88 the road lighting lamps and lanterns photometric test GB19652 - 2005 'electric light source products quality grading indicators GB5702 - 85 'light source color rendering comments method' GB50259 - 96 'electric lighting device construction and acceptance standard' CJJ89 - 2001 'construction and acceptance of city road lighting engineering IEC60598 - 1 the international safety standards.
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