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Solar street light price influencing factors

by:SRS     2021-03-19
Solar street light price influencing factors of introducing the idea of environmental protection, energy conservation and solar street lamps in People's Daily life, at the same time because of the installation process without complex underground cable laying, also do not need artificial maintenance after the installation, as a result, we often can be found in some parks, streets, its form, however, solar street lamps often have different prices, so what are factors influencing the solar street light price? First is the solar cell components, according to the use of different places and different load configuration, battery components have 15 - crystalline silicon 80 wp, different load configuration panels with different price, the second is the controller, the controller can control the battery energy storage and, when it needs to have electric, control, intelligent control and other control system. Controller for the price, therefore, also has very important influence, the third is the bracket, bracket material, length and size will affect the price of the whole solar street lamps, according to different road surface and the right, with different height, different thickness of the height of the solar street light, the corresponding solar street light price is also different.
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