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Solar street light not bright is caused by what reason?

by:SRS     2021-03-23
Solar street light not bright is caused by what reason? If not bright solar street lamps, we need to all aspects of the analysis and experiment, the electric door to begin, because here you can see the all the reason. 1, first opened the door of electrical appliances, check all wiring to have loose, if loose, we need to look at 2, with a voltmeter to test battery voltage, if the voltage is too low, may be a lack of electricity, this time we will be to test the solar panels, if the voltage is too low, solar panels may be not charging, if solar panels voltage is normal, so may be damaged by the battery. 3, directly connected to the battery and the light source is negative, if the battery voltage is normal, but the light is not bright, then the problem may be LED or connect the question 4, if the battery, solar panels, LED is normal, so is the controller problem, replace the new controller can know why hope this time can give you some help, in practice there is a problem can be directly related to solar street lamps factory.
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