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Solar street light little common sense

by:SRS     2020-06-20

In today's society is the social energy, along with the increasing shortage of traditional energy sources, the application of solar energy is more and more widely, especially in power generation field within the short several years has developed into a mature sunrise industry, solar street light go on the path of socialism. How much for it, you know? < p > is one of the most important link in restricting the application of solar power is the price, with a light dual solar street light, for example, two road load for 60 watts ( A conservative estimate) , the panel will need about 160 w, 40 yuan per watt calculation, the cost of the panels will be 6400 yuan, plus 180 ah battery costs are at around 2000, the whole street lamp one-off investment cost and much higher than the electric lamp, can say the price is a major bottleneck in the field of solar energy street light application. The service life of the battery is street lamp pharmaceutical factors must be considered. Most battery warranty for three years or five years, but the general battery in one year or even half a year later will be in charge of discontent, some actual charge rate may fall to about 50%, this will affect street lamp in continuous rainy period normal lighting at night, so choose a good battery is especially important for a street lamp. The selection of the controller is often overlooked by engineering contractor of a problem, so the quality of the controller layer is poor not neat, 12 v / 10 a controller market prices in 100 - 200 yuan, though it was part of the minimum value in the whole street lamp system, but it is a very important link, to ignore. In addition, the controller is waterproof also needs attention, together controller is generally installed in the lampshade, battery box, generally do not water, but in the actual engineering case, the controller side connecting line is often caused because of the rain down the cable into the controller. So in the construction should pay attention to the internal cable bent into type and fixed type, external connections can also be fixed for & other; U” Type, so that the rain can't pour into hard to cause short circuit controller. Located far away from downtown place also should pay attention to security work, many engineering contractor for construction of negligence, not effectively guard against theft, lead to battery, panels and other components are stolen, not only affects the normal lighting, also creates unnecessary damage to property. At present mostly in the engineering case stolen for the battery, battery buried in concrete pouring is an effective security measures, on the light pole with reinforced by welding battery box of the best. In many practical applications, the solar street lamp in many parts of the solar street light can't meet the needs of the normal lighting, especially in the rainy day is more outstanding, in addition to use the poor quality of the related components, is another major reason why blindly reduce component costs, no configuration is designed according to the demand, reduce the use standard panels and batteries, so in a rainy day street lamp lighting can not be provided. 
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