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Solar street light battery can be used as other purposes?

by:SRS     2021-02-12
Solar street light battery can be used as other purposes? The battery solar street lamps are very big, the price is also high, also need to guard against theft of most major components solar street lamps, there are many places of solar battery stolen, stealing solar battery are generally to do other purposes, some even take it to do electric fish machine, this is what we are despised. Battery voltage is 12 v solar street lamps, with the average battery is the same, but he is not the same as the general power battery is, solar battery not as power battery, because there is a difference between their discharge way, used as a power battery may cause the electrolyte leakage or explosion hazards such as batteries, so we suggest that the solar battery as a special lighting. When purchasing solar battery, you can make solar street lamps manufacturer to provide the corresponding construction drawings to construction, or make a wall-mountable anti-theft battery box and lock processing, so that we can effectively prevent theft solar cells.
how is the application scope of solar street lamps
how is the application scope of solar street lamps of the street light is little not in our life, but is in such a case, we can see the solar street light will leave deep impression to us, which has the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, good stability of street lamp, will inevitably in the our eyes, it is in this case would you be interested in its scope? Let's take a look at it. If you have concerns, solar street lamp application range is very wide, so first of all, in most people it seems that only in the road on both sides, and with the continuous development of economy, we will find that in fact the solar street light can also be primary and secondary roads in the city and the village or the tourist attractions, even in the parking lot, and these are very interesting, it is in this case, we can have a lot of, found that even if all kinds of solar street light with different location. But the effect is the basic same, so it is very convenient, in addition, under the impetus of the economic development, the use of the solar street light will be more broad.
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