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Solar street lamps to strictly controlled production link

by:SRS     2020-05-19

In solar street light exposure complaint events happened frequently in the industry, its reason is many solar street lamp manufacturers lack of sense of responsibility, not strictly, in the process of manufacturing of light pole threshold is too low, also has caused many enterprise technology does not reach the designated position.As a light pole production enterprises, the need to make sure that is the quality of the plate and production process, and must be self test. “ Light pole wood are all of my company from the company's own woodlands, and strictly control in the process of production, insist on all links of their production, to ensure that the environmental protection and quality standard. ” A light pole, head of the enterprise said. In addition to the enterprises lack the ability of beam, the lack of industry standards and backward, and has also been a key market confusion. The lack of supervision and binding at the same time, also let some light pole enterprise exaggerate their environmental performance of products. Standard holes, let a lot of environmental protection product is multifarious, it is difficult to distinguish. New plate rating and creation of new environmental laws, specifications of light pole enterprises have better push function. 
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