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Solar street lamps safe?

by:SRS     2021-03-07
Solar street lamps safe? Solar street lamps safe? Aiming at this problem, we must first show that the solar street light is very safe, because the use of dc , only 12 v and 24 v voltage, so will not get an electric shock, use rise very convenient and safe. In addition to security, solar street light also has convenient installation, easy maintenance, the characteristics of the installation of don't need to get an electric shock protection, in particular because of the 12 v voltage is absolutely safe, does not cause accident getting an electric shock, and also don't need to be cut off power supply when maintenance or get an electric shock protection. The safety of solar street light is a lot of excellent characteristics of solar street light, is a good product there is no safe hidden trouble.
solar street lamp, give the sunlight is brilliant!
solar street lamp, give the sunlight is brilliant! Give some sunshine is bright, the original meaning is to describe a person is said two words of smug, and today I have to tell you a secret, in reality there really this magical species for the sunlight is brilliant, that is our today's leading role - — Solar street lamps, with it, how are you my good everybody is good, the most important is that electricity bills each month to pay a lot less! Let's look at how do give point sunlight brilliant! 1. Led bead is no doubt that the brightness of the , although don't have to pay for is light, but it is still very strong, in terms of performance and brightness than the one hour every kilowatt-hour high-power lamp, it is also a bit less. Solar street lamps have different models, typically dozens of led bead can make a whole street lights, light, like the day subsequent to don't have to worry about traffic safety. 2. Waterproof installed outdoors, but you don't have to worry about solar street light will be doused the heavy rain. Stylist is in design of have already given the solar street light weathering of the environment, so in terms of waterproof it is satisfactory. Also, only need a few hours of sunlight during the day, night can ensure all night light, can be said to be very efficient.
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