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Solar street lamps need to consider what's ability to fight the external environment

by:SRS     2020-05-16

For the structure of the solar street light you have been very clear, on the basis of this we should be considered in the design of led solar street lamp manufacturer's problem is that the height of the light pole, in such a highly we consider is to resist the external environment, the first is a wind which cannot be ignored.  First, wind-resistant design of battery components  now redesign the solar street lamps are generally according to the design of technical parameters of components manufacturer, the same is the same as the battery components, battery components of wind resistance coefficient is measured by his pressure, which is corresponding to the different pressure is not the same wind resistance coefficient, generally choose the led solar street lamp are ten levels of typhoon resistance coefficient, according to the requirement to choose good after the wind resistance coefficient of light pole is battery components and the connections between the light pole, it is a key factor to consider. Second, wind resistance and coefficient of light pole, the key factor is solar street lamps light pole wind resistance performance measuring, because the light pole is have a certain height, so the key to this time is a light pole wind resistance test, the first is the connection between the solar energy components and light pole. Relatively fixed connection is fixed in the form of a bolt rod and the connection mode can resist outside interference, but light pole in the material or size than should be carried out in accordance with the basic data of measuring wind resistance coefficient. Third, embedded depth  solar street light is not only on the light pole need to measure wind resistance of equipment, and embedded depth is also a concern, meet the demand of use is to be under one meter deep underground. Solar street lamps in the resistance to the environment when resistance to wind is not to be ignored, because the light pole and the connection between lamp components are needed to carry out the problem, and the best way is to make the measurement, so that to meet the demand of strength when using.
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