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Solar street lamps manufacturers choose what skills?

by:SRS     2021-03-09
solar street lamp manufacturers choose what skills? When purchasing solar street light, choose the right manufacturer is key, because a good manufacturer is not only good quality, and good service, replacement of parts procurement is cheap, so, must be cautious in choosing a factory, actually choose factory is skilled. Select manufacturer of , 1, want to consider the size of the manufacturer, manufacturer of too big and too small manufacturer is bad, big tail 'too big to fail, management level is too much, it is difficult to implement, expediting push hard, had the quality problem passing between different departments, lane is bad to both hands last stand, ignore you, in the end only the deficit, and many small manufacturers are shell companies, the quality of lax, money thin and finally could wrap that escape, manufacturer customer is also like this to be at a loss. So, solar street lamp manufacturers can't choose too big or too small, to moderate scale, personnel documentary, fast and flexible. 2, considering the price of , the price is too high, the price is too low is likely to be an error or prices artificially high prices, or poor quality, are not considered, the general solar street light, there is a reasonable price range, above or below this range is not normal, so at the time of purchase, like price, is also an important aspect. 3, see a good brand factory there is always a certain brand ability and awareness, awareness that if there were no need careful 4, see the project cases, you can talk with manufacturer for case, a good factory always have a lot of decent project cases. To sum up, in choosing a solar street lamp manufacturers, various aspects to consider, carefully listen to the manufacturer narrative and access to relevant data, careful choice.
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