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Solar street lamps made light pole how to operate

by:SRS     2020-05-25

Light pole lifting when must pay attention to the surrounding environment, such as overhead conductors, trees and billboards, scaffolding, buildings, etc. , completes the safety measures. Each part of the light pole before lifting, first check fasteners and firm, lamp holder to install whether correct, light source is working is normal. Then debugging system work is normal; Loosen the controller of solar panels on the wire, the light source should work; Cable connected to solar panels, lamp shall be put out. Careful observation of each indicator light on the controller changes at the same time, when everything is ok before lifting the installation. When the main light pole lifting, pay attention to safety, screw to absolute good fastening, such as component sun Angle deviation, need to adjust the direction of the sun to make it fully toward the south. < p > the lifting rope wear in light pole appropriate location and slow lifting of lamps and lanterns, pay attention to avoid the crane rope scratched the solar cell components, in the process of increase, when the solar street light completely off the ground or out of the vehicle in full, at least two installation personnel using large wrench clamping flange, prevent the lamps and lanterns is in the process of lifting the upper due to swing at the bottom of the lamps and lanterns and crane rope friction and damage to the coating layer, etc. When the lifting of lamps and lanterns to the foundation above, slow down the lamps and lanterns, rotating light pole at the same time, adjust the lamp holder is on the road, the flange plate of the anchor bolt holes are aligned. On the flange after fall on the ground, in turn set 30 flat pad ( Or 24 flat pad) Spring washers, 30 ( Or 24 spring washers) And (( Or m2-m24) Nut, with a spirit level adjust the verticality of light pole. If the light pole is not vertical with the ground, can be in light pole mat under the flange gasket vertical to the ground, finally using a wrench nut evenly tighten, tighten the former should daub thread locking glue. For m2-m24 bolts ( 8. 8) , rotating torque for 650. 6 n。 M; For (bolt ( 8. 8) The tightening torque for 1292. 5 n。 M。 Remove lifting rope, check whether solar modules facing south. Otherwise to adjust. Adjust the direction of the solar cell components, the long drop devices will be installed 1 to 2 sent to the appropriate height, installation personnel light pole components on one by one with a wrench to loosen the fastening bolts, then based on the compass, turn on light pole component to the appropriate location, the last one by one on light pole fastening components of fixed bolt, and ensure the machine to receive strength evenly in the bolt. 
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