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Solar street lamps light pole parameters of the technical specifications

by:SRS     2020-06-11

Light pole technical specification, follow below let's learn about the solar street light manufacturer.  1, light pole height 5 - 15 meters, the main lever by forming a large bending machine, wall thickness of 2. 5 - 6 mm, the appearance and size according to customer's requirements.  2, material  light pole is made of high quality low silicon carbon steel Q235A steel ( The Si≤ 0. 04%, yield strength & gt; 245 mpa) ; Material conform to the standards: GB699 - 88.  3, welding process the whole lamp posts should be without any crack, the welding, continuous pores, bite edge, weld smooth level off, without the concavo-convex fluctuation, without any welding defects, shall provide the weld inspection reports, welding standard standard: GB/T3323 & ndash; 1989III. Safety standards in accordance with national standard GB7000. 1 - 7000. 5 - 1996. 4, electric door  a. Electric door using plasma cutting. b. Electric door and the light body one integrated mass, open the door not welded convex platform, the structure of the high strength. c.   With reasonable operating space, gates has electrical installation accessories.

  d. The door between the rod and clearance should be less than 1 mm, good waterproof performance. e. Have a special fastening system, good anti-theft performance, the fixed bolt adopts the general authoritarian tools to open it.

  f. Electric door should have high interchangeability, door have reasonable operation space, providing 3% of the electric door accessories  g. Working in a light pole door at lower left firmly welding a M8 & times; 30 bolt with light pole for hot dip galvanized processing, used to connect the cable PE line. 
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