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Solar street lamps light pole is what material

by:SRS     2021-02-24
solar street lamp light pole is mentioned the material of solar street lamp light pole, what material basically has the following several kinds of 1, steel: main Q235, Q345 low carbon steel and some special requirements such as weathering steel, bridge steel, the steel require after further of hot dip galvanized processing to final form to fulfill the requirements of corrosion resistance of steel. 2, cast iron, cast iron lamp pole in our country mainly produced in changzhou, this process in the past is common, but the strength of the cast iron is low, corrosion resistant ability is poor, have been phased out in the later development of street lamp, now only a few manufacturers in the production, production is not a lot. 3, cast aluminum, similar to the principle of cast iron, corrosion resistant ability is bad, low intensity, has almost eliminated by modern technology, only a handful of factory will use this material. 4, aluminum alloy, aluminum extrusion, at the height of the street light is not very high, the load is not very big, some places will use easy forming of aluminum alloy as the material of solar street light and solar garden light. 5, stainless steel, stainless steel has the characteristics of good corrosion resistance, high strength, but the stainless steel material is more expensive, the cost is higher, are restricted in use. Above is of several common materials, , of course, the most used currently is still a superior performance, reasonable price of steel.
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