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Solar street lamps in the wind out of the way?

by:SRS     2021-02-03
Solar street lamps in the wind out of the way? Many people see knife with two big solar panels will feel very worry, such a big board on top and meet wind will occupy? Such worries are not unreasonable, in some places, especially in the coastal area of the rural areas, and many parts of xinjiang, Inner Mongolia region, every year there is a lot of wind weather, even the typhoon, storm and tornado weather, this kind of weather, the trees can break, building damage, vehicle shift, the roof, if it is a solar street lamp, also are more likely to suffer damage. Through our understanding, a typhoon wind tore , solar panels are blown fly case is not rare, our local a relatively well-known enterprises, has been to lower prices by customer. In 2015, when installed in a certain area of hainan , after a typhoon, the wind tore off entirely, some light pole and the wind tore off like a reed rod fell to the ground and some direct disappeared, as can be seen from the cross section, the thickness of the light pole is quite weak, but also more bad, the quality of the galvanized light pole inside has already started to rust, you know, had just finished installing here less than a year, in accordance with the standards of hot dip galvanized , one year begin to rust, it is not reasonable. Typhoon weather, and in some places the same or even more, even the trees down and the roof flew, but most of them are still 'alive' , lights can still normal, normal work, isn't this a very curious thing? Actually, before production, are all need to calculate, can calculate the wind resistance by size, as long as the production can meet the national standard of basic, 12 level wind, are safe to spend. If the manufacturer in order to save costs, cut corners, so what kind of wind resistant, it's difficult to say.
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