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Solar street lamps how to guard against theft

by:SRS     2020-06-17

Do a good job in security of solar street lamp is not to say to let a person at any time to monitor, prevent theft solar related components are actually method, we need to reinforce the installation to prevent theft. manufacturer to introduce you to these methods, to ensure that the solar street light won't be stolen. You can select high efficiency solar panels, long life of lithium-ion batteries, LED high photosynthetic efficiency of the import, and the intelligent controller, and PIR human body induction module, anti-burglar mounting bracket to focus on the integration of product integration of platinum (solar street lamp Also known as the integration of solar street light/garden light) , the design of the integrated solar street lamps, with addition of anti-theft screw design, can reduce the risk of stolen the battery solar street lamp and parts. Battery is critical security placed in removal of solar street light foundation battery compartment sundries in mud and cement tank, to ensure that no foreign bodies blocked drain. Review the battery compartment is damaged, and at the same time to test whether the battery voltage is normal, if an exception is convicted of nonconforming product, installation is prohibited. Sheathed wire poles with insulating tape. Put battery compartment, dismantling and used cranes so in advance to play good foundation, and then position the two double wire type on connecting hoses hoop after the battery line through the cage of the prefabricated pipe, the prefabricated pipe after evenly coated with a layer of 7091 sealing silicone will connect the other end of the hose into the roots of the prefabricated pipe, use a screwdriver to double wire type bolts on the hoop. To wear the battery line from prefabricated pipe set again after a period of threading hose, position the two double wire type on threading tube hoop, prefabricated pipe evenly coated with a layer of 7091 after sealing silicone put to the root of the prefabricated pipe threading hose, use a screwdriver to double wire type bolts on the hoop, finally will battery wire fixed to the nozzle.  The installation of solar energy components battery and buried box: solar energy street light battery because it is beside the road, easily stolen, such a thing happened, a lot of solar battery are stolen, so we should pay attention to guard against theft, anti-theft package is good, the best way is to land cage embedded solar street lamps, upper threading pipe with 300 mm on the ground, casting surface finishing level, in case of lamps and lanterns. in the more expensive colloid and maintenance-free battery is stored in the battery box, and then put in about one meter from the ground or cement pool, so after reinforcement, the battery will be due to in case won't be affected by the environment of the slightest, anti-theft function, at the same time it also can prevent theft is battery. Solar panels ( Photovoltaic panels) Panels solar panel is the more important parts in the solar street lamps, on its use, although the battery can be used to buried underground and ensure its safety, but the solar panels on the outside is very dangerous, in order to ensure that solar panels will not be stolen, the professional manufacturer in the creation, will add to the independent alarm device, once the solar panels subjected to illegal to remove, will remind use for alarm system open to look at it. 
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