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Solar street lamps have which a few parts

by:SRS     2020-11-04
Solar street light is made up of several parts: solar panels, solar controller, battery, light source, light pole, and lamps and lanterns of the shell. Such as the output power for ac 220 v or 110 v, also configure inverter. 1, solar panels, solar panels is the core part of solar street lamp, also is the most valuable part of the solar street light. Its role is to convert the sun's radiation ability of electrical energy, or sent to the stored in the battery. In numerous solar photovoltaic cells more widely and more practical with monocrystalline silicon solar cells, polycrystalline silicon solar cells and amorphous silicon solar battery and other three. Eastern and western regions in rizhao good enough sunlight, adopting the polysilicon solar cell as well, because of polycrystalline silicon solar cell production process is relatively simple, low price is single crystal. In rainy day more relative is not very good, the sunlight south, use monocrystalline silicon solar cells as well, because of the relatively stable monocrystalline silicon solar cell performance parameters. Amorphous silicon solar cells in the case of lack of sunshine outdoor is better, because of the amorphous silicon solar battery low demands on the sun light conditions. 2 no matter how big or small solar lamps, solar controller, a good charge discharge performance controller is indispensable. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, it must be charge discharge condition limit, to prevent the battery overcharge and depth charge. Where the temperature difference is bigger, qualified controller should also have temperature compensation function. Solar controller should be both street light control function at the same time, with optical, the control function, and should have night automatic cutting load control function, is advantageous for the rainy day to extend the lamp work time. 3, storage battery as a result of solar photovoltaic power generation system input energy extremely unstable, so generally need to configure the battery system to work. Usually have a lead-acid battery, Ni - Cd accumulator, Ni - H battery. The choice of battery capacity in general should follow the following principles: first, on the premise of can satisfy the night lighting, solar energy battery components energy storage as far as possible during the day down, even at the same time is able to store for meeting the needs of continuous rainy night lighting electricity. Battery capacity is too small will not be able to meet the needs of night lighting, battery is too big, on the one hand in kui state of electric battery, affect battery life, at the same time, cause waste. Battery with solar battery, power load ( Street lamp) Match. Can use a simple method to determine the relationship between them. Solar battery power must be more than four times higher than the load power, the system can work normally. Solar battery voltage to more than 20 ~ 30%, and the working voltage of battery to guarantee to the normal negatively charged battery. Battery capacity must be more than six times more than the load, consumption of advisable. 4, what light is light source, solar street lamps use solar lamps and lanterns of important indexes that can be used normally, solar lamps and lanterns commonly use low pressure, low pressure sodium lamp, energy-saving lamps energy-saving lamps, DLED light source. ( 1) Low voltage energy-saving lamps: small power, high light efficiency, but the service life of 2000 hours, low voltage lamp black, generally suitable for solar lawn lamp, garden lamp. ( 2) Low voltage sodium lamp, low pressure sodium lamp high photosynthetic efficiency, Can reach 200 lm/w) , but need to inverter, low pressure sodium lamp price is expensive, make the whole system is high, use less. ( 3) Electrodeless lamp: small power, high light efficiency. The light in the 220 v ( Pure sine wave, frequency 50 hz) Ordinary mains under the conditions of use, the life can reach 50000 hours, on the solar lamps and lanterns is greatly reduced and the service life than common energy-saving lamps ( Because solar lamps and lanterns is a square wave inverter, solar power 220 v output frequency, a bit, is cannot be compared with the ordinary mains voltage) 。 ( 4) LED, LED light source, long life, up to 1000000 hours, low work voltage, don't need inverter, high light efficiency, domestic 50 Lm/w, imported 80 Lm/w. As technology advances, the performance of the LED will be further improved. The author thinks that the LED as the solar street lamps light source will be a trend. 5, lamps and lanterns and light pole and the height of the light pole should be according to the width of the road, the spacing of lamps and lanterns, road illumination standard to determine. Lamps shell according to our sun lamp data collected many abroad, in the beautiful and energy saving, energy-saving, most of them choose lamps and lanterns of cosmetic requirements is not high, a relatively practical
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