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Solar street lamps for rural change

by:SRS     2021-01-27
solar solar street lamp for rural change now young people may have little grew up since childhood in the countryside, and the older generation are live cultivator, dry land. Haven't lived in the countryside, people don't know what is life in the countryside. Mentality, a man who has a good feel carefree, bad people feel every day, why do you say that? Because rural night was very dark. Even adults may be afraid to walk in the dark night, let alone have so many children, older people in the countryside. Once upon a time, the city is using a traditional street lamps, and almost no lights in the countryside. Why is that? Because of the rural people to pay my bills, but because of rural development lags behind, not install street lamp. So the old rural night is black, no one likes to travel in the dark. And now, the rural economy is in fast development. Why is that? The emergence of the solar street light! Although the cost of a high , almost don't cost a cent, but the late so when government for rural mount the solar solar street light, the villagers don't have to worry about the cost of installation, also need not worry about the late charge. And the whole countryside is so lit up at night. The emergence of the solar street light not only provide rural roads with lighting, also lead to the development of the rural economy night. Because not black, so everyone is willing to come out. Walk walk, do business of doing business, seemingly insignificant thorough change happens to rural !
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