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Solar street lamps export market?

by:SRS     2021-03-15
Solar street lamps export market? A lot of production and sales enterprises is more concerned about the export market of , the domestic market is already saturated, only to expand overseas markets can be more rapid development, the export market of now is how? 1, solar street light on exports competitive industry competition is intense, the price war is the norm, to sign an order, in addition to the service factors, the price also is a very important reference basis, not only look at your service, many foreigners also look at your price, our company's foreign trade profits drop down again, sometimes as long as don't can sell at a loss. 2, although demand for large export competition is intense, but the orders shipments is bigger, the international market demand for solar street light is very big, especially many African countries, the demand of each year. 3, high quality export of solar street light on quality requirements higher than domestic solar energy street light quality requirements of some, but also according to different market, the requirements of European and American countries of solar street light is the highest, in addition to accessories demand is high, but also to the processing requirement of the light pole is very high, even a bit harsh. 4, lack of talents of foreign trade exports for , the biggest problem should be the lack of talents of foreign trade, foreign trade talents in addition to the required English quality is better, and better negotiation skills, to master of international trade process, more important is to be able to endure hardship, foreign and China have jet lag, online for a long time to communicate with customers, can make the order of implementation.
However, with the increased prevalence of solar light, it has become far more affordable.
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