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Solar street lamps debugging technology is introduced

by:SRS     2020-05-17

No matter how advanced led solar street lamp, or how much technology leading all need reasonable debugging experience, reasonable debugging can avoid avoid overworked led solar street lamp, so as to improve the service life of street lamps, and the components of effective protection of solar street lamps, not because of accidental conditions lead to a crisis. So how to debug led solar street lamp? The solar street lamps manufacturer do a detailed introduction for you.The first thing you need to for solar street light control system of the debugging work, for this can carry on the lighting facilities in different seasons, its light source control need to be opened and closed with the natural climate change presents a common state. In summer when using solar street light, for example, the controller will be in close lights at first light, and once at night, lights and will set a good time on time. Because there is a switch in the program, so the solar energy control system can reveal such an important role.  In addition to the control system, solar street light is also a kind of very practical use lighting facilities, use it for the duration of the battery power is also have certain requirements. And when the storage battery charging work finished, or already unable to absorb energy, solar energy street light inside a control system will be in time for its closure instructions, so it can protect the storage battery, in the stable voltage support will not easily make damage to automatic control. The adjustment of the solar street lamp, of course, is not confined to the above two points, but if it is from the point of view of practical use and safety requirements, the debugging work can ensure street lamp can only maintain a stable state in the process of using.
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