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Solar street lamps controller connection method

by:SRS     2020-06-15

Because of the solar street light controller, so it can absorb the solar photovoltaic (pv), so as to realize lighting, in the process of installation of rural solar street lamp controller, we need to pay attention to its wiring problems, which ensures that can improve the efficiency of absorption of photovoltaic, to ensure that the lighting, let's look at some of the wiring method together. 1, the battery in the street, to see if the light on the solar street light controller is in a state of lights up, if you are against the negative, indicator light doesn't light up, this time also don't think that is the mechanical working, we can across the electrodes will be adjust.  2, after the right to adjust is negative, indicator light will light up, if there is no lights up, then prove that the controller has a failure, timely maintenance. 3, we need to measure the accumulator cell voltage and corresponding to the maximum pressure on the degree of manual controller can not exceed the maximum pressure degree, otherwise will be damages to the air unit. 
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