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Solar street lamps and lanterns is the description of the installation

by:SRS     2021-02-26
solar street lamp and lanterns installation: ___________ for each part component is fixed: solar panels fixed on the bracket of solar panels, lamp holder fixed to carry on the arm, then stent with arm fixed to the main stem, and wear the cables to control box ( Battery box) 。 Before this light pole lifting check whether each part fasteners and firm, lamp holder to install whether correct, light work is normal. Then work in simple debugging system is normal; Loosen the solar panels on the controller cable, light work. 3. The main light pole lifting, pay attention to safety; Good good screw fastening, sunrise Angle deviation, such as the component needs to adjust the direction of the sun completely up to end toward the south. 4. Put the battery into the battery box, according to the technical requirements will be connected to the controller; Connect the battery, and then pick up the load, and then answer the solar panels; Connection operation is important to note that each terminal with indicated on the controller cannot be wrong, plus or minus two polarity can't collision, cannot meet the; Otherwise the controller will be damaged. ⒌ debugging system work is normal; Loosen the controller solar panels on the wire, the light; Connected to the solar panel cables, light; Careful observation of each indicator light on the controller changes at the same time; Everything is normal, can seal control box. Dear customer: our company have LED street lights, solar led street light, road signs pole products, you can learn more from the web page by calling the service of the company product of detailed information, welcome new and old customers trust our products of choose and buy, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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