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Solar street lamp installation requirements

by:SRS     2020-12-15
Solar street lamp installation requirements: first of all, solar street light for elevation of restricted areas, ordinary solar street light is suitable for the area at an altitude of 2000 meters, which is across the plains of central and eastern parts of China. Because of the elevation may also affect the use of the battery and circuit. Secondly, solar street lamps in the - Zhidao use best 50 ℃ 70 ℃, temperature is too high can't work normally, low temperature also can make it run slower. Again, special solar street light wind loading using area of 12 level, is 12 level within the wind will not damage, should can be used in the country. And seismic grade for magnitude 8, solar street lamp, except in earthquake would suffer damage. Normal area will not create problems. Finally, solar street lamps in the humidity is not greater than eighty percent of the region can be normal use, more than, the humidity is too high, will make the electronic components be affected with damp be affected with damp connection is not stable, affect the lighting system. City outdoor lighting was founded in 2006, the existing reached more than 100 production personnel, technical personnel 8, 3 senior engineers and management staff 15, plant area 1. 50000 square meters, professional development and production of solar street light, scenery complementary street light, the integration of solar street lights, solar garden light, solar lawn lamp, solar panels, photovoltaic power generation systems and other products, with light pole as a whole production line, paint line, LED lamps and lanterns assembly lines, solar panels as a whole production line, electronic production line. Annual output of 260000 solar street lamps, other solar lighting lamps and lanterns of more than 50000 lamps.
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