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Solar street lamp installation panels matters needing attention

by:SRS     2020-04-23

Installed solar street light panels to note:  1, cannot install the solar panels in a window, such as trees, buildings, etc. Can't close to the fire, or near combustible materials. The assembly panel support should be able to adapt to the environment requirement, want to choose reliable materials and make the necessary anti-corrosion treatment. The reliable way to install components, components if falling from the sky, will cause damage and even threaten the security of person. Components do not disassemble, bending or collision with good thing, avoid to trample components such as action.  2, with a spring gasket gasket for peace will panels component fixed lock on the scaffold. According to the environment and the structure of the mounting support status in an appropriate manner by grounding panel component. 3, toward a female waterproof plug panels components, prior to the electrical connection in the series, '+' type of a component to connect a component under '- 'A plug. Output circuit to the right connection on the device. You can't short answer is negative. To ensure that the joint with no gap between insulation joint, if there is gap leads to generate sparks or electric shock 4, often check whether the lifting structure is loose, if necessary, to tighten the parts. Check the wire, ground wire and the plug connection. 5, often with a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the component. If indeed to replace ( General 20 years without) Same model component, must choose the same type. Can not touch wires or part of the joint activities, such as really need to use appropriate safety equipment. ( Insulated tools or gloves, etc. )  6, the maintenance component is covered with opaque objects or materials, please component of the surface of the former, because components under the sun can produce high voltage, is very dangerous. 
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