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Solar panels need to regular cleaning?

by:SRS     2021-03-26
Solar panels need to regular cleaning? Solar panels need surface clean, no debris, no dust, so as to ensure the solar panels are working efficiently. In a natural environment, however, a lot of dust on the road, the book leaves and caterpillar feces, and bird droppings will pile up on solar panels, a great influence on the efficiency of solar panels and so on a regular basis and not on a regular basis to clean solar panels has become an important part of the work. So how do solar panels, clean up? If the solar street light is not very high, can use a long bamboo pole with detergent for cleaning, we can turn to use the detergent solution to daub, let detergent gradually collapse accumulation on the solar panels of various dust, bird droppings, bug dung, soak for 10 minutes later turn to scrub, with nozzle flush again finally. If the solar street light is too high, not easy to use bamboo pole, a truck can be used to clean. Note: the material of solar panels is toughened glass, so don't go with good thing cut, do not use soda acid solvent, because solar frame is metal, acid and alkali corrosion easily the border around the solar panels.
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