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Solar LED outdoor lighting design and application of factor analysis

by:SRS     2020-12-31

in the past ten years, we see renewable energy technologies and practices are gradually into our daily life. It blended in our society, for the automotive, thermostat, or even daily life, such as lighting and control provides a subtle differences. On a larger scale, we see the geothermal used in large construction, rainwater collection and recycling, even no connection with power grid solar LED lighting. In fact, the LED efficiency for solar energy has brought new life. Here, we introduce the implementation of the benefits and challenges.

solar outdoor lighting has to stand out from other technology, not only provide the necessary lighting for our daily life, also remind the facilities and the facilities in the design of the others consider sustainability. Solar outdoor lighting can communication when light, convey information to the related environmental management of companies and organizations, builders, developers and lighting designers, these are good.

due to the progress of the solar panels, batteries and LED technology, commercial solar outdoor lighting is now more reliable than grid system, and provides a higher quality at a lower cost of lighting. In fact, the cost of solar outdoor lighting benefit from three key areas of the synergistic effect of technology innovation:

solar panels cost decline: the American solar industry association ( SEIA) Pointed out that in recent years, the sharp decline in the cost of photovoltaic panels, has decreased by 60% since early 2011.

battery technology improvement: the growth of hybrids and electric vehicles market improved battery technology, has a compact, high efficiency, more lasting rechargeable battery.

the LED efficiency: LED lighting efficiency is also increased, this means using less power could produce more light, or the effect of higher ( Higher lumens per watt) This is equal to the same lighting output cost reduction.

due to the emergence of these trends, now, commercial solar outdoor lighting in many cases more economic than interconnection. Including the existing power infrastructure in remote or non-existent, such as with safety and green space construction, or don't want to change the existing road or landscape ( Such as parking lots, roads, outdoor store, park playground and campus) 。 In these cases, the installation of solar LED lighting system can be implemented immediately, can avoid installing a new grid lighting system related trenching, wiring and other fees. In addition, the use of solar energy solar led street light, in more than 25 years of service life period, there would be no electricity bills, can save costs in coming decades. However, for many companies and organizations to select solar LED lighting, save costs tend to be in second place, have more advantages in green energy. Because of commercial solar outdoor lamp without the use of fossil fuels, do not produce carbon dioxide emissions, thus they implement the commitment to protecting the environment and national energy security.

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