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Signals lighting manufacturers share the history of the origin

by:SRS     2021-05-07
Signal light pole manufacturer production traffic lights African-American Calais, Morgan invented in 1923. Previously, railway traffic has used light signal of the automatic conversion for some time. But because of the train is a fixed timetable running in single way, and the train is not very easy to stop, so use on railway signal is only one command: traffic. Road traffic signal lamp pole manufacturer of traffic lights are different, it is largely the responsibility of the to tell the car driver to stop the vehicle. Motorists who don't want to stop the signal. James points out, a psychologist at the university of Hawaii at people in the United States there is a will tend to brake and accelerator associated with self-esteem. He said: when drivers see yellow lights, was secretly prepared for the acceleration. If the red light, can produce a feeling of disappointment. He refers to the intersection as 'psychological motivation'. If his theory was established, the area in Buddha Lloyd psychology theory should belong to the superego, supere go) Rather than instinct ( id) In the category.
signal light pole lights manufacturer product category introduction
signal light pole factory including traffic signal lamp, traffic sign, traffic line markings and police officers. Domestic unified road traffic signals. ( 1) The traffic light at the signal light pole manufacturer. Traffic light is made up of red light, green light, yellow light. The red light said no thoroughfare, green said to, yellow light slow or warning. The road traffic laws regulations on the implementation of traffic lights can be divided into: light motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles lane lights, pedestrian signal lights, lights, direction indicator lights, flashing warning lights, road and rail plane crossing signals. ( 2) Traffic signs. Including signs, directional signs, warning signs, ban the way marks, tourist area, road construction safety marks and auxiliary marks. ( 3) Traffic line markings. Divided into: indicating lines, warning line, the line is prohibited. ( 4) The traffic police command. Police officers are divided into: hand signals and the use of a traffic control signal of the appliance. The types of highway road traffic lights, vehicle lights, pedestrian signal lights, non-motor vehicle driveways lights, direction indicator lights, mobile traffic lights, solar flashing warning lights, ceiling lights a toll station.
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