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Select lithium battery solar street lamps need to be careful

by:SRS     2021-02-04
Select lithium battery solar street lamps need careful lithium battery is a relatively clean pollution-free battery, with large depth of discharge, pollution is small, the advantages of light weight, but we in the choice of lithium-ion batteries, also need to be more cautious, this is because some of the features of lithium-ion batteries. 1, lithium battery should choose quality reliable manufacturer of lithium battery technology is more complex, but the threshold is lower, so many companies can production or assembly lithium battery, but because the quality is uneven, so will be more cautious on the choice, should be carried out to evaluate the strength of the supplier, the company does not choose too small. 2, lithium battery choice should not only price, regardless of the quality of the lithium battery market chaos is more, the quality is good and bad, only look at price, quality is responsible for the customer does not also to oneself is not responsible for, a price a points goods of truth does not change, should be rational treat price and reasonable profit. 3, ready to purchasing for lithium battery should be related to contract in the contract, the contract should be marked as both sides of the main responsibilities, especially lithium battery, because of the special reasons of lithium-ion batteries, The risk of burning and explosion) , so the contract is very important. Four, completes the payment days lithium batteries purchasing and selection of suppliers, should choose to have a certain payment days of supplier, because of any accident, have payment days can reduce some loss. In a word, lithium battery purchase, should pay attention to the risk of lithium battery itself, at the same time, the same as all the goods, the quality is the key, in addition to the contract, in case of one thousand. Serious warning: this article prohibited reproduced or copied! All rights reserved: WWW. yzmdgd。 com
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