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Scenery complementary and what are the advantages of the solar street lamps

by:SRS     2020-05-01

Scenery complementary solar street light is a kind of green energy, has been the development of a new type of energy form, at the same time the advantages of many led solar street lamp, obtained the widespread application in all walks of life, domestic solar and wind energy conversion power every day all want to depend on the weather. Solar and wind energy according to the weather every day to complement each other to work every day, so the scenery complementary solar street light, the new energy system for light made great contributions to the development of electric industry brings people's life essence meaning. < p > scenery complementary led solar street lamp can be installed according to the different climate environment configuration of different models of wind turbines, the scenery complementary LED street lamp system in the condition of limited achieve the best effect of wind energy, solar panels, adopting the highest conversion rate of monocrystalline silicon solar panels, greatly improve the efficiency of solar power, color temperature is effective to improve when the wind is insufficient, low conversion rate of solar panels, and lead to insufficient charging, the problem of unable to ensure the normal order of the lamp lights. Scenery complementary street lamp controller is the most main scenery complementary street lamp system components, the control of the other components and work together, the main function of scenery complementary controller, electric lights, control to turn off the lights, automatic power tracking, automatic unloading, have put across charge protection function, stable performance and reliable at the same time, the scenery complementary with lamp lights by using high performance large capacity free maintenance lead-acid or gel battery provide sufficient electricity for scenery complementary street lamps, to ensure the rainy days LED scenery complementary street lamp light source, light time, can greatly improve the stability of the system performance.  1, meet the national vigorously promote and encourage the use of new energy policy, open up a new world, energy saving, consumption reduction, reduction, more government strongly advocated green energy, green lighting. Set up the trademark visual scene. 2, conform to the urban development to build the blue sky, green water, green, clean the four environmental protection infrastructure, to establish ecological civilization, the model city of circular economy increase, more can improve the image of the green, environmental protection of the construction of the new city and taste. 3, can enhance people's consciousness in the high and new technology application of new energy products, more can virtually improve people's consciousness in the new energy utilization.  4, for the local government in energy conservation and emission reduction, green lighting, circular economy and ecological civilization, popular science education, propaganda & throughout; The affirmation of the work directly. 5, to promote the regional economy, make a corresponding contribution to the development of new energy industry; At the same time also to adjust the industrial structure of economic opening up a new way. 
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