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It was now dark, why solar street light is not bright?

by:SRS     2021-03-27
It was now dark, why solar street light is not bright? When night falls, the night also began to grow dark, the birds began into the nest, as people in a hurry, work on the same day a little bit dark, the light one after another began to light up on the road, people will can't see the road, roadside street lamp first lit, hazy night, started a new night. Solar street light as an excellent branch of the family of street lamps, their descendants throughout China and even all parts of the world, every night, family silently guardian road, solar street lamps for pedestrian light in the night. However, in some time, some members of the family of solar street light, however, because of various reasons at night and can't light up regularly, what reason is this? 1, the battery is depleted in general, depending on the manufacturer of solar street lamps and battery level is different, the service life of the battery - in four years Eight years, good solar battery service life can reach more than 8 years, although the solar street lamps use fixed number of year is longer, but there are always running out of one day, the fixed number of year after the battery solar street lamps can't normal to get an electric shock and discharge, this time, the solar street light will gradually appear the phenomenon that is not bright. Here it is important to note that different manufacturer of battery run out of time is different, the same manufacturer of battery is not the same as solar street lamps, mainly has a certain relationship with price, batteries and battery materials of different class is not the same. 2, controller failure controller is the core component of solar street light, is the control center, of the street lamp system controller if there is a fault of solar street light system can not work normally, generally in the case of no battery to use fixed number of year, usually the first check is solar street lamps controller. 3, poor contact contact undesirable phenomenon more commonly seen in soaked by water solar street light, after the floods, solar street lamps soak in water for a long time, cause oxidative coupling, generate verdigris, as long as the tape uncover, burn the patina, with copper wire of sand paper burnish, connected again.
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