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It is quite necessary for the development of science and technology of solar street light

by:SRS     2021-02-14
Solar street light of the development of science and technology is very necessary in today's solar street light already has the certain breakthrough in technology, and quality has been very stable, solar street lamps with ordinary street lamp on the price difference is not big, especially the use of electricity costs, solar street light wins. Compared with ordinary street lamp, solar street light has more extensive adaptability, universality, easy to install, the outstanding advantages such as security, if to the further development of solar street lamps, so bring social benefit and economic benefit will be higher. But the solar street light also has its inherent shortcomings at present, is the smaller power, solar street light only as a general basic lighting requirements, lighting time is short, time in 5 - general lighting 7 hours/every night. It is because of the advantages of solar street lamps is very outstanding, faults are very obvious, so the development of the solar street light met bottleneck, if can on technology breakthrough these shortcomings, so generally 'the popularity of solar street light will be in full swing. Among them, the major breakthrough point is: 1, the efficiency of solar panels, solar panels are generally low, only 15% efficiency 17%, development cannot leave the development of solar panels, solar street lamps to able to break through limitations, solar street lamps need to constantly improve the efficiency of solar panels, hope that in the next ten years, the average power of the solar panels above 30%. , 2 battery current storage battery lead pollution not only big, and heavy, expensive, relatively low electrical storage, security is also small, with the development of battery technology, the battery capacity will be more and more big, the security of the storage battery is higher and higher, the price will reach unimaginable degree now. 3, light pole, lightweight solar panels become smaller, lighter, and will ultimately affect the light pole light, the future is likely to change the status quo of the current situation of the steel posts, replace the steel posts will be cheap and lightweight carbon fiber light pole.

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