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Introduction of solar energy street lamp voltage

by:SRS     2020-07-23

1. First application is mainly rely on solar panels, solar street lamp and solar panels, usually the voltage of 17. 5 v and 36 v this two specifications, this is we are on the market at present the mainstream of two voltage specifications. Why do you say to the voltage of the solar cell panel? Because the voltage of solar panels is designed, respectively is for 12 v and 24 v battery charging.  2. Of course, you can have multiple in series with the battery so that series solar panels can also be recharged.  3. Solar panels are produced by dc, after filling into the battery, battery out of 12 v / 24 v voltage is certainly / 36 v this is the most commonly used several specifications of solar street light.  4. light source on the market at present, is special designed to make solar panels, so conventional voltage of 12 v / 24 v / 36 / it is the mainstream, of course, there are higher, such as 48 v / 72 v, etc. 
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