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Integrated solar street light really that good

by:SRS     2021-04-13
Integrated solar street light with our common split type solar street light is different, separate use lead-acid batteries are usually called DaiChuanTong solar street light, solar, solar led street light, batteries are installed separately; And integrated solar street light is the solar panels, battery, super bright LED lamp, intelligent controller and other additional features to focus on the integration of solar street light. One-piece solar street lamps have a structure score postures solar street lamp installation and maintenance on the prominent advantage of life, is also the current industry heat to the product of the integration of solar street lamps series design combined with today's high efficiency solar panels, high photosynthetic efficiency imported LED, long life of lithium iron phosphate batteries, smart, intelligent controller and PIR sensor body in the integration of solar street light. The realization of the integration of solar street lamps with low power consumption and high brightness, Every 3 w to 100 w incandescent bulbs illuminance) , long life, maintenance free, excellent waterproof, extremely waits a variety of functions such as heat dissipation, pioneered the security requirements. Integrated solar street light also has simple installation, light weight, small volume, convenient installation and maintenance and other advantages. Generally two workers without the use of heavy equipment and tools, only need a product technical secondary school with wrench as long as five minutes to complete the installation, usually do not need to pay attention to what, only need to avoid the tree or in high-rise buildings, avoid sun shelter the location of the installation.
It isn't just about being on solar light anymore–it's about maximizing the potential of the platform of manufacturing.
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