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Installation of LED solar street lamp

by:SRS     2020-12-02
Since the energy crisis and environmental pollution problem, energy conservation and emissions reduction is a hot topic, the current has a sustainable development of environment, we must constantly development and utilization of new energy sources, so the solar energy as a new energy has been the attention of people. Compared with the traditional street lamp, LED solar street lamps with energy-saving environmental protection, beautiful, low operating cost, and the advantages of intelligent operation, take advantage of the natural environment, installing solar street lamps for strengthening energy conservation and emissions reduction work has very realistic significance. LED solar street lamps factory gave us the following summarizes the street lamp installation method. ( A) Foundation casting 1, determine the floorlamp location: survey and geological conditions, if the surface 1 ㎡ is soft soil, the excavation depth should be deepened; At the same time to confirm the excavation position under no other facilities ( Such as cable, sewage, gas pipelines, etc. ) , street lamp at the top of the shade objects for a long time, otherwise it should change the position. 2, in the position of the lamp (reserved The excavation) Standard 1 ㎥ pit; Embedded parts location and casting. Embedded parts are placed in the square in the middle of the pit, PVC threading pipe end in right in the middle, the end of embedded object in the storage battery. Keep the embedded parts, foundation and ground in the same horizontal plane, Or the top of the screw and the original ground in the same horizontal plane, according to the requirements of the site and decide) , one side should be parallel to the road; This can guarantee the light pole erected after not skewed. And then fixed with C20 above commodity concrete pouring, casting or stop using vibrator vibration in the process, to maintain the overall density and robustness. 3, construction completed, clear in time positioning plate residual sludge, and the waste oil cleaning bolt impurities. 4, concrete solidification process, water them regularly maintenance; To concrete is set ( Generally more than 72 hours) To install droplight. ( 2) Solar energy battery components installed 1, the output of the battery components are negative in the connection to the controller measures must be taken to avoid nipple. 2, when the solar battery components connected to the bracket is strong and reliable. 3, components, the output of the line should avoid to be exposed, and belt fastened. 4, battery components towards to the south, the compass points to the shall prevail. ( 3) Battery installation time 1, the battery is placed on control box must be light to take light put, prevent smashed against the water tank. 2, battery cables must be between bolts on the terminal of battery and use copper gaskets to increase electrical conductivity. After 3, output lines connected to the battery in any case banned short sub, avoid damage to the battery. Line 4, the output of the battery and controller connected in the telegraph pole must through PVC pipes. 5, after completion of the above, check the wiring controller, prevent short circuit. After the normal close the door of the control box. ( 4) Installation of lamps and lanterns, 1 for each part component is fixed: solar panels fixed on the bracket of solar panels, lamp is fixed onto the arm, then stent and lamp arm fixed to the main stem, and wear the cables to control box ( Battery box) 。 2, light pole before operation, each part of the first check fasteners, lamp holder to install whether correct, light work is normal. Then work in simple debugging system is normal. Loosen the solar panels on the controller cable, light work; Connected to solar panels cables. The light went out; Careful observation of each indicator light on the controller changes at the same time; Everything is normal, before lifting the installation. 3, the main light pole lifting, pay attention to safety; Screw fastening absolutely good, sunrise Angle deviation, such as the component needs to adjust the direction of the sun completely up to end toward the south.
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