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In-depth analysis of solar street light price change trend

by:SRS     2020-03-19
< p > more than a decade ago, a new product - — Solar street light appeared. It functions the same as the traditional street lamp. The difference is that it is not electricity, easy to install. However, its price is too high. Who would want to spend so much money to buy a lamp? From the perspective of the development of the solar street light industry, after all, there is no market, development come from? It is far more than the value of lighting. < / p > < p > more than a decade, this was unexpected light has publicly into people's horizons, and gradually replaced the traditional street lamp position. It has also been in change, constant pursuit of technological innovation and price advantage. Then, with the progress of technology, solar street light price trend of present a what kind of? < / p > < p > a, the rise of stage < / p > < p > the emergence of new technology products can always arouse people's interest. However, due to the high r&d investment, science and technology product prices are relatively high, especially in China's new energy is not very developed. The most expensive solar street lamps is one of the two parts of photovoltaic panels. A decade ago, photovoltaic panels per watt price close to 50 yuan. In terms of monetary value at that time, it is equivalent to ordinary people. Therefore, when the solar street light for the first time, many people were frightened by the price. < / p > < p > 2, stage, < / p > < p > as the global environment problem increasingly prominent, countries pay more attention to clean energy. It not only encourages the development of photovoltaic, wind power and other industries, and also introduced a series of photovoltaic energy subsidies. Markets are very light, solar street lamps influx of entrepreneurs immediately. With the rapid development of clean energy, solar energy street lamp position gradually revealed. The first is the application of light emitting diode, it is also a kind of energy conservation and environmental protection products. When leds large-scale application in outdoor lighting, solar street lamps of performance has been greatly improved, followed by photovoltaic panels conversion efficiency and the lead-acid battery 'abdication'. These changes have solar street light into a truly green products. From the beginning, they are not power consumption, easy to install, to save energy and protect the environment, solar street light has completed a major transformation. < / p > < p > however, due to the rapid development of technology, the price of solar street light does not improve. In the national special subsidy policy support and all kinds of solar street lamp manufacturers, under the fierce competition of prices but are falling. < / p > < p > 3. Mature stage < / p > < p > today, there are many different kinds of solar street lights, gradually toward miniaturization, MeiGuanHua and intelligent direction. Provide people with different forms of lighting, such as solar garden light, solar lawn, integrated solar street light, scenery complementary street light, annular solar street lamps and wall-mounted solar street light. < / p > < p > what's surprising is that technology is more mature solar street lamps, the lower the price. Originally, a 50 yuan of photovoltaic panels can now use the price of 3 yuan to buy, ordinary people can afford to buy a small wall-mounted led solar street lamp with intelligent induction. Most engineering projects will also give priority to solar street light, because they consume a lot of power. While solar street light in the early need a certain amount of money, but in the long run, since it has no electrical properties, rate of return is very considerable. The rate of return is not only reflected in the economy, is also reflected in the environment. < / p > < p > as the country's strong promotion, the improvement of people environmental protection consciousness, the development of the rural poverty alleviation projects, solar street lamp is more and more popular, the price is more and more close to people. < / p > < p > from the developing trend of solar street lights, the price is inversely proportional to the technology. Technology is more mature, the price is more close to people. The progress of science and technology greatly reduces the product cost of production. With the support of science and technology, solar street lamp implements the efficient production of high quality, great output. In the near future, the price of solar street lights will be changing with the development of science and technology. Once out of reach of street lamp is slowly become everybody can use green products. < / p >
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