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If the LED street light damage to how to solve?

by:SRS     2020-12-03

with the development of city road lighting, led street lamp lighting installation is also more and more, but there is a problem with few attention, not seriously, the phenomenon of damage to the street lamp installations, on the road, the highway led street lamp will be damaged and can't get the corresponding solutions, so reducing the loss of street lamp damage has become an important problem we consider, after the parents, the end of the time we made a summary, mainly in the following several aspects and has a significant effect.

solar led street light

1. Reform of street lamp installation process, reduce the damaged

due to insufficient funds in the construction of urban street lamps, in sections of the road is still the old lamps, ballast installed in the bottom of the light pole, thus created opportunities for those criminals. In reaction to the phenomenon, we will ballast placed on the tops of the posts or lamps and lanterns, which significantly reduced the possibility of theft.

2。 Introducing insurance mechanism, make street light has

street lamp insurance facilities. 1. Installed in the road on both sides of the street lamp, is often traffic vehicle crash. After through insurance, on the one hand, can look for the owner compensation, on the other hand can be to insurance company claim for compensation. 2. Natural failure, because the lamp line all buried in the green belts, there is line concentration areas, slightly do not pay attention to easy to dig the bad cable due to cable broken skin after short time will not affect the operation, the fault is hard to find, hidden a long time, so it is difficult to find the perpetrators, how to do? Deal with the insurance can recover some losses.

3。 Intensify propaganda, cause social protection for street lights

although street lamp is citizens' concerns, but street light damage is a neglected problem, in order to attention in the public, we successively news media to promote to strengthen protection streetlights facilities, aroused the concern of the public and found it can contact in time with the street light on duty or power 95598, to facilitate the timely processing of fault, through propaganda and received obvious effect.

4。 Heavy penalties to report damage streetlights perpetrators, amply rewarded.

in order to faster and more accurate grasp of streetlights facilities stolen information, the person is necessary to take the prize. On the one hand, can arouse the enthusiasm of a person, on the other hand let us process faults in time, the perpetrators are difficult to escape, make its due punishment.

5。 A crackdown on destruction lights

although streetlights facilities have electricity act to protect, but still have different obstacles in the process of execution, but public security and traffic police can give full play to their rights to maintain the site, investigate its responsibility, but also improves the street lamp management and the seriousness of the accident treatment, let the street lamp has protected is power.

street lamp is for our guide to road lighting at night, it light for us the way home, night lighting improves the security for us, so we should maintain it more, at present, the development of the street lamp design is many, keep street lamp manufacturers considering devices are stolen, damaged, so that people product research and development, the design more secure street lamps, street lamps are stolen, destroyed phenomenon is solved, let the development of street lamp keep sustainable development.

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