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Good quality solar street lights are not afraid of contrast

by:SRS     2020-05-05

Beautiful by the use of solar energy street light quality is good? < p > the year zero electricity, only 210 minutes to fully charged. Rainy day, thunderstorm, prevent sun, automatic scheduling large capacity battery, can guarantee for a rainy day life. Solar power generation technology. Laminating machine, put neat, high photoelectric conversion, charging speed, cloudy day also can charge, can only be optically controlled induction. Large capacity battery, life function, has the charge discharge protection. Efficient heat sink. Unibody die-casting, fast heat dissipation, high efficiency, corrosion resistant anti-aging. Fine waterproof wire, avoid rainwater into wire and cause a short-circuit. Intelligent remote control, which has forced open the key; Automatic mode key online automatic light-control open; Higher scheduling; Half bright way; Open 3 hours automatically shut down after dark 8 hours, 5 hours automatically shut down, shut down automatically. How to buy solar street light contrast quality stand or fall? Good brand led solar street lamp, selects the polysilicon board, fast charging, 210 minutes can quickly filled with electricity. Brand solar street lamps, cut corners in order to save money, generally choose stores waste crystal silicon, charging more slowly. Good brand, and choose the large capacity acid iron battery capacity, ensure the battery using life long. General brand, in order to save money, generally choose inferior battery, lead to energy storage effect is poorer. Good brand solar street light, choose the core LED semiconductor, long life, high brightness, energy saving save electricity, and not simply die lamp bead. While brands to choose cheap iron stent solar street lamps LED lamp bead, it lead to light bead stature is short, poor brightness, high energy consumption, simple die lamp bead. Good brand led solar street lamp, has a strong body, such as finishing thick aluminum, good heat dissipation, long after use, reliable in quality. And general solar street lamp, in order to save money, use thin, poor information, poor heat dissipation, damage is also simple.Details casting solar street light is information to see? Good brand led solar street lamp, lamp holder with thickening explosion-proof glass, choose transparent toughened glass mask, ensure the high hardness, marginal not easily damaged, so the waterproof function is better. Especially, the integration of die-casting radiator, put neat, good heat dissipation effect, extends the utilization useful life spans. The whole plate aluminium alloy edge drop by using corrosion, rust prevention, ensure safe use. 
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