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Embedded part is how to install solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-02-11
Embedded part is how to install solar street lamps? The installation of embedded parts is a basis and premise, solar street lamp installation of embedded parts installation steps are as follows: 1, determine the size of the embedded pit generally the embedded depth of the pit solar street lamps, than the height of the cage depth 20 cm, width 20 cm larger than the base width of the cage. 2, determine the position of the embedded pit embedded hole position, in addition to the lights according to the distance and to determine the actual demand, also note that the digging holes location of the soil is solid, is situated on the soil and soil in the traveling, to determine the embedded parts installed can steadily in the installation position for long. 3, embedded embedded pit excavation pit mining is usually is the use of human or mechanical mining, artificial mining efficiency is low, but the good adaptability, strong flexibility, suitable for large mechanical mining excavation. 4, embedded parts and threading pipe casting of the embedded parts casting general use of concrete is C20 label, when pouring, you need to good threading pipe layout, and the two ends of the threading pipe plug, on the one end of the buried in the earth's surface to do clear mark, to dig the battery hole it's easy to find export. 5 batteries, battery pit mining pit is used for storage battery, the common practice is embedded in the soil, there are also some battery pit is built with bricks, relatively high cost. Above is the installation of embedded parts solar street lamp, hope for the broad masses of customers to play the role of help.
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