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Cement pole of solar street light

by:SRS     2021-01-23
solar street lamp - cement pole More convenient and economical solar street light a lamp solar street light price relative to the countryside, or more expensive, and the installation of solar street light embedded parts, digging holes and pouring, often a single solar street lamp installation is complete need 2000 yuan, while in the countryside, both sides of the road there are a lot of cement pole, the pole, can reduce a lot of spending. There is a solar street lamp, lamp pole, bumps can be rural everywhere, making use of cement pole will be on the solar panels, battery, light source fixed on the pole, in this way, can greatly reduce the cost of solar street light. Through the hoop, fixed on the telegraph pole, street lamp arm stent and solar panels, solar energy can be fixed in the lamp on the arm, the lighter weight of lithium battery, can reduce the load of the lamp arm, if the weight is heavy, can be installed on the cement pole. The solar street light, and in many economic condition is not very good in rural areas, has been widely adopted, greatly reduces the cost and the price of installation costs.
said the advantages of , we'll talk about the disadvantages of the
said the advantages of , we'll talk about the disadvantages of the have a lot of the advantages of the , for example, energy conservation, environmental protection, not electricity, convenient installation, low cost of installation, etc. , said before there are a lot of the advantages of , solar street light also has a lot of shortcomings, here we come to analysis the solar street light of the main faults. 1, low brightness, illumination time is short the intrinsic defects of solar street light is the most important of the two low brightness and illumination time is short, because is a closed system of independent , all of the energy from the sun, to absorb the sun's energy by solar panels and stored in the storage battery, so in order to make the system to be able to use a longer time, improve the service life, general light source of power was not high, the brightness is not naturally also is too high, and lighting time is not too long, will be as far as possible to reduce the lighting time, to improve the service life of the , reduce the system configuration of , in order to improve the economy. 2, maintenance relatively trouble mains street lights maintenance is very simple, if the lamp is not lit, first consider is the light bulb is broken, change a new light bulb, if change to also not line, that is the power supply is broken, two steps can be completed maintenance. Different and solar street light, solar energy in addition to the light bulb and power, as well as battery, solar panels and controller, met failure rule out more troublesome, need to be based on a set of procedures. 3, the applicability of the urban poor applicability solar street light in the city, mainly because of the city of tall buildings and urban trees to keep out of solar panels, exposure to sunlight on solar panels, easy to cause the loss of electricity. solar street lamp
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