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Ann why others not bad 78 solar street lamps, I bought two or three years it broke?

by:SRS     2021-04-08
Ann why others not bad 78 solar street lamps, I bought two or three years it broke? The difference in the quality of the solar street lamps, and some can be used in 78, while others can only use two or three years, this is what causes the difference? The cause of solar street lamps use fixed number of year big difference is the following several kinds of type 1, the price is cheaper this is the service life of the solar street light differences between the most main reason, everyone knows that ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign one point price one point goods, cheap goods is not good, the market price clearly average price in 1300, but some people believe that 1100 can also buy the same configuration of solar street lamp, manufacturer can't do that, why he can do it? The average market price of 1000 solar street light configuration, some people just can buy 800, and still think they can achieve the same service life, this is almost no possibility, after years of business experience, we met countless such case, the final two or three years later, back to the guest is very much. Although the quality assurance is 2 - solar street lamps 3 years, manufacturers provide warranty time is 2 - 3 years, but if really just can use 2 - solar street lamps 3 years, and other people's house of solar street light to be able to use 5 - Eight years, and this also is not very good interpretation. 2, unreasonable configuration of solar street lamps of each of the parts quality is no problem, but due to the unreasonable configuration, caused the short board effect, make the one part of the solar street lamps, especially too much damage to the battery, solar street lamps system caused by premature failure. 3, widening the pony car configuration of solar street lamps is too small, it requires 100 watts of solar panels, 80 ah battery, but only 80 watts of solar panels, 60 ah battery, clearly irradiation can only 6 hours a day, just work eight hours, go down for a long time, because the load is too large and easy to damage the solar street lamps.
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