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Advantages of solar street light structure in where

by:SRS     2020-05-22

The overall population has more than 100 million street lamps in our country, which accounts for the proportion of solar street lamps are not many, if one of the 60 million ordinary street lamp into a solar street lamp, can save electricity is more than a year in the three gorges hydropower station of electricity a year. Every year our country policy of new 20 million streetlights, and all these lamps such as switch to solar street lamp, after three years and one of the three gorges hydropower station. So solar energy street lamp energy saving effect is very considerable, but it did not need the selectmen to mobilize the forces of the national construction, which launched the power of local governments at all levels and all about the power of led solar street lamp manufacturer enterprise can be completed. Because of solar street light is a cantilever structure, under the natural environment, wind shear, overhead suspension, structure safety is first. So, try to simplify the structure, designed to streamline, to reduce wind resistance, increase the velocity of the rain, and pay attention to lose weight, a saving of non-ferrous metals, 2 it is to reduce the weight of the stress problem, increase the safety of road lighting. Currently known solar cell components, the encapsulation structure is adopted, a EVA&mdash a EVA a single solar cell glass; TPT membranes cascading encapsulation, put wires, junction box, edge sealing strip and aluminum frame, the structure of the monomer battery connection is through the interconnection of the direct connection. Solar cell components just played a converting solar energy into electrical energy power generation, adornment effect is few, and the attention should be paid to long-term outdoor conditions, such as wind dust climate impact. Solar street light structure is also very important. 
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