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A measure of LED solar street lamp power supply good quality condition

by:SRS     2020-11-17
solar led street light as the light source, it compared with the traditional light source has a long service life, good seismic performance, brightness is adjustable, luminous flux loss is small, luminous directivity, no harm to the environment, and many other advantages. At present in Europe and the United States has a large number of alternative high-pressure sodium lamp or metal halide lamp and so on traditional street lamp, a second-tier cities also has a large number of domestic put into use. As we all know, the LED street lamp is mainly used in outdoor environment, to the elder withstand wind rain and lightning in bad environment, when the outside world is the highest temperature of 50 ℃, and also could reach - when the lowest 40℃。 On the light emitting component, LED itself characteristics have reached very good energy-saving effect, but the power energy has been the major manufacturers to ignore. So energy-saving power supply, no doubt will be street lamp power supply is the most important parts in the future. solar led street light installed outdoors, lightning is a very big threat. Lightning mainly include direct lightning, conduction lightning, induction lightning and switching overvoltage, four types of power equipment is the biggest impact of the induction lightning, could generate up to 5000 kv even higher voltage, has a great destructive power. To solve these problems, and puts forward the effective solutions, and actively respond to problems and constantly updated and improved products. LED light source belong to the semiconductor light source, its luminescence characteristics determine its failure rate is relatively low, connection part of the failure rate is low, built-in LED drive power supply quality directly decides the service life of the whole street lamp, so the power became the most core part of the LED street lamp industry. At present, the domestic production of LED power supply enterprise is endless, but because of reasons of technical strength and cost control, often appear the quality problem. Once installed, and street lamp replacement and maintenance more difficult and requires a lot of manpower material resources. So the lack of quality guarantee of street lamp manufacturers, only maintenance have been late. To assess the quality of power supply has many, but the power component is the premise of high reliability. Key components of the current power supply is still some passive components and power components, such as capacitance, inductance, etc. , and the components of the best quality is still the United States and Japan is the product of manufacturer of Taiwan and domestic products in durability, anti-interference, environment, fitness and quality still has a gap.
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