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Winter is coming, summer install solar street lights will occupy?

by:SRS     2021-02-04
Winter is coming, summer install solar solar street light will occupy? solar solar street lamp, just as its name implies, is to the sun for energy street light, is need sunshine, summer can use , we can all understand, but in winter, the sun is not so strong, solar street light can work normally? From the theory and practice, solar street lights are working in the winter, the effect is not worse than the summer. 1, poor light in the winter is not winter sunlight effective radiation is much lower than summer, although the winter sunshine is not so strong, summer temperature is not high in summer, but no less effective exposure, through practice, charge time is not much longer than summer in winter. 2, winter is more efficient in the winter air temperature become low, the efficiency of solar panels and system efficiency will become high, and this is because the winter air temperature is low, because of less resistance. 3, the air clear winter less water vapor in the air, the air is more clear, effective illumination can better achieve the solar panels, play a better role of positive on the efficiency of charging. Introduction

explosion-proof pole light, explosion-proof high lamp light is now on the market very popular varieties of a solar street lamp, most of the place to be able to use high lamp, not only can give people have very good lighting conditions, can guide the direction of the pedestrians as a feature. But the quality problem of the light, has been a very concerned, explosion-proof light appeared on the market now, very good quality. Explosion of light, the other no difference, the key is on its lifting system. Explosion-proof light lifting system is explosion-proof electric motor, explosion-proof hoist, explosion-proof of parts, so it's function is very powerful, explosion-proof effectively. Explosion-proof high lamp is also doing very good guidance function, to ensure that the lamp panel lift will not occur in the process of irregular movement. Other functions of the explosion-proof light and ordinary light, or very similar, there is a certain adornment effect not only has the function of lighting, light, in a lot of places can let the surrounding scenery more harmonious, and can rise the good adornment effect, is a lot of places of a number of companies select varieties of a street lamp. Explosion-proof high lamp lighting system can realize automatic switch and closed, and can automatically adjust the brightness, reasonably according to the specific situation for lighting, not only can save energy, also can let the pedestrians have enough comfortable lighting environment.
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