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Why use solar street lamps LED as light source?

by:SRS     2021-03-21
Why use solar street lamps LED as light source? As is known to all, solar LED street lamp light source is usually little or there is no high pressure sodium lamp and incandescent lamp light source, is this why? Reasons mainly include the following: 1, the voltage: LED voltage is dc 12 v or 24 v, but generally high pressure sodium lamp and energy-saving lamps light source voltage is 220 v, so the voltage is not 2, smooth effect: it is the most important, the LED lighting is normal sodium lamp 2 times, four times as great as that of general energy-saving lamps, 6 - is incandescent lamp Eight times, so tremendous improvements in energy efficiency, with the highest photosynthetic efficiency from a minimal wattage 3, service life, the service life of the LED is unmatched by any other light sources, average service life of more than 10 years, or even the service life of 15 years to 20 years. It is because the LED has so many advantages, so now LED into the absolute solar street lamps light source.
why use solar street lamps of Q235 steel, rather than the other steel
why use solar street lamps of Q235 steel, rather than the other steel production principle of solar street light is steel plate cutting into trapezoidal, then rolls up, roll fold is automatically formed after the appearance of the conical, solar street light pole is the most commonly used in the material of Q235 steel, also have the choice of a handful of Q345 steel, even with stainless steel, but the vast majority of Q235 steel, as for why to choose Q235, we analyzed: 1, the meaning of Q235 high yield strength of Q235 is refers to the yield strength for Q235MPa, the yield strength is very suitable for used as solar street light, high yield strength, has the very good resistance to bending performance. 2, economy of Q235 most very good popularity, in terms of economic performance is very good, price is not high, good cost performance. 3, market popularization of Q235 steel is common in the market, can purchase sex is better, it is easy to purchase.
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