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Why traditional street lamp slowly being phased out now!

by:SRS     2021-01-05

traditional street lamp is more and more unsuitable for the use of contemporary social development needs, because most of the traditional street lamp has the characteristics of short service life, low light efficiency, poor color rendering and low power factor, not hot start, low flux stability, faults, some traditional street lamps for light loss big shortcoming, easy to cause the huge waste of energy. However, in contrast, LED solar street light is used more in line with the social development.

LED solar street lamps use difference is, the directional light, low power consumption, driving characteristics, response speed, high seismic ability, long service life, green environmental protection advantages become the LED street lamp huge dark horse on energy conservation and environmental protection projects. High luminous efficiency of LED solar street lamps, lamps and lanterns of low reflection loss and save energy; With digital control brightness function, saves the electricity; Do not need to high pressure, high security; Cooperate with software which can be controlled by remote automatic brightness. Compared with the traditional incandescent lamp, LED semiconductor lighting has incomparable advantages.

a long service life of LED solar street lamps, is 10 times more than traditional lighting appliances, effectively reduce the cost; Its low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, energy saving, is the future energy street light.

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