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Why the market for solar street light more do more bad?

by:SRS     2021-04-08
Why the market for solar street light more do more bad? solar street lamp in the industry knows that, generally speaking, the quality of the solar street light compared with before, the more the worse, the lower the price of solar power is more to do, the profit is more and more thin, many manufacturers are competing for the market, at the guest's request, interacting each other and eventually lead to more do more bad, the specific analysis, market more do more bad reasons as follows: 1, the price competition from any customer at the time of purchase, all want to purchase price is lower, in the face of price and quality, any customers are willing to test whether based on lower prices, quality can also accept, but it is still not satisfied, and also to the next lower purchase prices higher than last time, a little bit of bargain, a little bit lower quality. 2, the pursuit of profit pursuit of profit is with the price competition is the same psychological, is representing the high price, low price purchase, purchase a price drop down again, some manufacturers in order to cater to the guest's psychology, in terms of quality and the so-called could 'save' out of place, a province to province, imperceptible in, the quality of the solar street light is much less than before. 3, lack of market management reasons of the poor quality of solar street light more do more, also has something to do with market lack of regulation, quality decline, customer recourse, activist is manufacturer of poor quality cost is too high, small manufacturers willing to risk in order to gain more customer resource, more orders and profits.
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