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Why the market a lot of solar street lamps manufacturer in cutting corners

by:SRS     2021-04-07
Why the market a lot of factory is already in the industry in corners of solar street light to cut corners by most manufacturers tacit means, except a few manufacturers still stick to the bottom line, more solar energy street lamp manufacturers are more willing to adopt the way of cut corners to get more orders and profits. Solar street lamps factory is like cutting corners, and form, is mainly the following several reasons caused by 1, the reason of the cause of the market in plain English is the reason why customers, everyone wants to buy a bargain, all want to fetch a good price, the customer talk to party a after a good price, is the purchase link, the lower the price, the higher the profit will, customers bargain, repeatedly manufacturer and want to do the business, in the absence of profit, manufacturer will usually reduce the configuration of the , a little less, found little problem, again a little bit less, found or have no problem, the less and less, eventually formed a bad habit. 2, profits, the cause of the low price will also have profit? There will be, of course, price is low, does not represent profit will be low, normal manufacturer sold you the price is high, do not necessarily represent profit is high also, normal manufacturer usually walk quantity is more, not a high-tech , so the profits are very transparent, normal manufacturer general profit at 4% 6%, while some informal manufacturers, although looks cheaper price, but they use the raw material is bad, inferior quality, profit will be more than 20%, even so, buy solar street light can't light the price. 3, lack of supervision of lack of regulation is the cause of many solar energy street lamp manufacturers to cut corners. Illegal because the cost is too low, even to cut corners, nobody will ask more nobody tube, even if the guest a lawsuit, the cost is very high, most of the time go away guests, eventually led to the fakes, unbridled, imitations, ethos. In the long term, the market of manufacturer to turn a blind eye to all corners, untouched, final damage is in the interests of the consumers.
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