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Why so many people choose lithium battery solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2021-04-05
Lithium battery was one of the three major common varieties of the battery solar street lamps, the rest of the two kinds of maintenance-free lead-acid battery and gel battery, respectively. All three have different strengths. Among them, the lithium battery with its higher than both the service life of the love of the solar industry. So, solar street lamps use lithium batteries what are the advantages? 1, high storage energy density. Lithium battery energy density is very high, relative to other battery has reached 460 - at the moment 600 wh/kg, which is about 6 - of lead-acid batteries Seven times. This means that under the same charge capacity, lithium batteries are lighter in weight. According to the calculation under the same volume weight is about 1/5 of the lead acid products, 1/6. 2, the lithium battery is a kind of controllable type, non polluting energy storage battery. In addition, the lead-acid battery solar street lamps in use process is often criticized 'new half a year old half a year, maintenance, maintenance and half a year', short service life. And lithium battery its service life is generally more than 10 years solar street lamps, the LED light source generally can be up to 10 years service life ( About 50000 hours) , can be a very good * * match with the system. 3, lithium battery solar street lamps can also according to customer demand for the residual capacity of battery, day and night time, weather conditions and other factors, intelligent optimization calculation, the reasonable distribution of power rating, and steerable, time control and storage memory, and other functions, to ensure continuous rainy morning light in ten days. 4, high and low temperature, strong adaptability. Lithium battery can be in - 45℃- - 60 ℃ under the environment of use, through technology on the processing, can be in - Use in 45 ℃ environment. Safer 5, lithium batteries, lithium batteries belong to dry cell properties, more stable than the lead-acid battery, more secure. Above is lithium battery manufacturer of lithium battery solar street lamps advantage is introduced to the solar street lamps, the development of science and technology will promote the development of solar energy street lamp industry, now the lithium battery in the application of solar street lamps, for solar street light industry, the change of * * sex greatly reduces the cost, improve the life span of the solar street light.
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