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Why rural love to install solar street lamp, not grid lights

by:SRS     2021-04-09
Why rural love to install solar street lamp, not grid lights everyone knows there are a lot of the benefits of solar street lamps, energy conservation, environmental protection, do not need power consumption, simple installation, convenient construction, wide adaptability, etc. , but why is the number of rural of solar street lamps, and is rarely in the city? In fact, the advantage many solar street lamps, defect is also a lot of, because of these shortcomings, so I can't play a role in the city. 1, low brightness low brightness is the common solar street lamps, want to know all the energy of the solar street light source is a small panels and batteries, how much power? This is like a long journey in the desert of pedestrians, only a little food in the pocket, also can eat dinner? 2 a shorter time for lighting, solar street lamp lighting time is short, to save the configuration and cost solar street lamps, general electric, street lamp lighting time is within 12 hours, and the solar street light is a basic cannot achieve the lighting time, the reason is that if you want to meet this time, solar panels and batteries will need to be much larger, the cost will be multiplied, it's thousands of yuan of money, Knock the price 2. 5 yuan/kg, for later people to reference value) 。 3, the demand for sun open countryside ground, mask, and can also be logging in order to install solar street lamps, and urban green belts is indispensable, and the shade of the trees there is a requirement, basic block the light, solar panels and the skyscrapers of the city, sun shade, makes more than half of the road of solar street light can't normal absorb sunlight during the day, so at night, also don't light up. 4, demand for green city's green is hard Numbers, it is impossible to cut green because of solar street light, so in the greening and lighting of conflict, must be in green first, solar street light is not the object of the purchase.
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